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Welcome to LikeMinds Feed SDK Getting Started Guide! In this guide, we will walk you through the initial steps to integrate and utilize the LikeMinds Feed SDK in your application. LikeMinds is a powerful platform that enables developers to seamlessly integrate Feed functionalities into their applications, enhancing user engagement and communication. The feed feature enables you to create engaging feed-based experiences within your application. You can display dynamic content, such as posts, comments, likes, and shares, to facilitate user interactions and discussions.

This guide is designed to provide you with an overview of the LikeMinds Feed SDK and its components. We will cover the setup process, including obtaining an API key from the LikeMinds dashboard, and explain the key concepts and functionalities you need to know to get started quickly.

Components of LikeMinds

LikeMinds Feed SDK comprises various components that provide a seamless Feed experience. These components include:

  1. Frontend SDKs: SDKs that power Feed inside your application to provide your users a seamless in-community. We also have open-source UI kits to help you get up and running effortlessly.
  2. Dashboard: The LM dashboard provides options to setup manage users, channels, and features and setup permissions. The dashboard also features moderation capabilities.
  3. Backend REST APIs: The Backend REST APIs provide the infra to power the in-app community with scalable realtime communication.


Generate API Key

You'll need an API key to integrate the LikeMinds Feed SDK into your application. Follow these steps to obtain your API key from the LikeMinds dashboard:

  1. Go to LikeMinds Dashboard and sign in to your account. You can create one using your phone number if you don't have an account.

    1. If you are a first time user you would see an option to “Add your first app”. You can do so by clicking on the given button

      LikeMinds Dashboard.png

    2. Following which a popup would appear asking for the application name, enter your application name.

      Create a new app
  2. Now you can navigate to the settings on the sidebar. Under general section you should be able to see an auto generated API key for your account.

    Get New API key

  3. Make sure to securely store your API key, as it will be required for authentication when making requests to the LikeMinds APIs.

You are now all set to integrate LikeMinds Feed to in your mobile/web application. Check the respective documentation guides for your application.

SDK size

Tech StackSize
Android4.8 MB
iOS9.3 MB
Flutter (Android)10.3 MB
Flutter (iOS)17.3 MB
ReactNative (Android, with all dependencies)5.7 MB
ReactNative (Android, without all dependencies)5.7 MB
ReactNative (iOS, with all dependencies)5.2 MB
ReactNative (iOS, without all dependencies)5.2 MB
ReactJS3.7 MB