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Setup Notifications


This method will be deprecated after 20th June 2024. Please check this guide to enable notification

We allow system notification for the chat related real time notifications to notify users about new chat and changes in the permission they have.

Firebase Integration

LikeMind SDK requires your server key to send notification of messages or other things.

Step 1: Generate Server Key for FCM


If you already have your server key, skip this step and go directly to Step 2

  1. Go to Firebase Console. If you don't have a Firebase project, please create a new project.

FCM Server - Firebase Console

  1. Select your project and move to Project Overview

  2. Click on the settings icon and select Project Settings

FCM Server - Project Settings

  1. Go to Cloud Messaging > Project credentials and copy your server key. FCM Server - Server Key

Step 2: Register Server key to LikeMinds Dashboard

  1. Sign in to dashboard and go to Settings > General

  2. Add your server key in Firebase Server Key FCM Server - Server Key

Frontend Side Integration

  • To configure notifications for Android, head over to this.