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All the LikeMinds APIs require authentication following is the steps how the authentication works.

Getting Started

Retrieve the project LikeMinds API key from the dashboard, as this will be required for SDK Initiate, it uniquely identifies a project on the LikeMinds platform.

User Data Creation

  1. For each user on the client platform, hit initiate API SDK Initiate to create new user on LikeMinds platform.

  2. Save the response to create mapping from Customer ID ↔︎ LikeMinds access_token & refresh_token

  3. Keep the mapping for following keys for each client side user (these will be required later)

    • access_token - access token for user authentication

    • refresh_token - refresh token to generate new access token for the user when existing one expires

    • user_unique_id - corresponding LikeMinds platform unique id of the user

Refresh Token Strategy

  1. Use user's access_token generated in previous step as Bearer Token

    • If LM APIs return statusCode: 401, use user's refresh_token and hit refresh token API to generate new access_token